ALL OVER THE PLACE? Track them down, and gain accuracy, control and correct invoicing with ProPallet SUSPECT YOUR PALLETS ARE

Trusted by some of Australia’s best brands

Trusted by some of Australia’s best brands

The Pallet Management Specialists

ProPallet is a leading pallet management company, servicing transport, logistics and warehousing clients.  We have extensive expertise with Chep and Loscam, and provide a range of services including investigation and reconciliation, procedure development, and ongoing management (from simple docket processing to complete outsourcing).  


Dollars Saved


Invoices Investigated


Missing Pallets Found

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Our Services


Our Signature Service is helping a business to get back on track.


We Know What to Look For Let the Specialists at ProPallet manage your Pallet Account/s.

Dispute Resolution

Whether it be a dispute with your Pallet Hire Company or a Customer, we have the knowledge and speak the language.

Budget Forecasting

Want a little more service from ProPallet? Let's set some goals and reach for the stars.

Personal Account Managers

Treat us like we are sitting in your office. We understand the importance of our relationship

Onsite Training

We all play a crucial role in the Pallet Process. Let us help you understand the importance of your role because knowledge is the key.

Business Consulting

Gain advice from an Industry expert to assist with mediation

Case Studies

  • Brisbane Truck Show 2019 – Pallet Control Seminar Brisbane Truck Show Seminar ProPallet (click for slideshow) Brisbane Truck Show 2019 Seminar  ProPallet Professional

  • Let’s shift the focus away from Pallet Problem, or Pallet Loss. Tracking Pallets or Paperwork being all over the place! Pallet Problem When a business realises there

  • How a Business Consultant can improve your business. Why use a Business Consultant? One of the many reasons to seek a Business Consultant is to gain advice from an Industry

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