How a Business Consultant can improve your business.

How a Business Consultant can improve your business.

How a Business Consultant can improve your business.

Why use a Business Consultant?

One of the many reasons to seek a Business Consultant is to gain advice from an Industry expert. That could be to assist with mediation between the Equipment Hire Company and the business, or perhaps it is between a business and its Trading Partner. By having a third party Industry Consultant assist, you can know you will get it right.

What can an Industry Expert bring to the table?

When you seek the service an of Industry Expert within the Pallet Hire Industry you will know there is a clear understanding of rates and cost to a business. The Consultant or Industry Expert will know how to get those costs down to a minimum. Assist the business on how to provide the exact great customer service to your customers/clients. What the Expert can provide is an insight into situations and scenarios that can occur within the supply chain and logistics. Create an unforeseen circumstance that perhaps a business did not realise, and offer a solution before it happens, to ensure there is no surprise cost to the business.

Consultation Process.

The process of consultation is an extremely important concept in the context of managing an organisation. Consultation is an active process in which organisation management opens formal and informal communication channels between the business and its Trading Partners.

Benefits of Consultation.

Consultation by an Industry Expert can identify opportunities, assist decision making and help ensure any new ideas work effectively in practice. Consultation may take the form of mediation, advice with litigation, establish a solution by having open communication between management and employees.

About Me: Frances Wren

As Director of ProPallet | Professional Pallet Management for approx. 10 years and with 28 years in the Transport & associated industries, I am an industry expert with values above and beyond what often comes with a Business Consultant in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

Director of a successful company that manages high profile Customers Pallet Accounts, the day to day administration of hire equipment within the operations and also advising and implementing Operational Procedures. Offering Financial advise on how best to establish the cost of Pallets to a business. I am often called upon for mediation between business and pallet hire companies, to come to an agreement where both parties reap the benefits.

Having been approached by Counsel to provide expert advice on litigation between two high profile companies in Australia. My expert opinion is sort for documentation and my Report represented at Court.

My Reputation for a fair and just opinion on the process and cost of Pallet Hire to any business is well known within the Logistics and Transport Industry.

If you feel your business could benefit from a Consultation, reach out today!