Onsite Training

Pallet Control Training

Finding the right person

We all play a crucial role in the pallet process. Let us help you understand the importance of your role – Knowledge is key to accurate pallet control. Our services include:


Training of Operational staff

By having fully trained staff you can have a more efficient pallet process.



We can create Personalised Manuals for Online Pallet Control Systems.


Ongoing training

We will provide your business with training tools to captivate the culture within your warehouse


Understanding your Invoice

This is so important when trying to take control of your pallet processes. We will provide you with a complete Invoice explanation, so you can have a better understanding of what is going on.


Simple processes – simple procedures – simple outcomes – simple solutions

“Training is an investment in the future of your business.”

Confidence Coach

Talk to us

Maybe it’s time we had a conversation. It is not only Pallet Controllers who could benefit from training but anybody who gets involved in the pallets process. Truck drivers, Forklift drivers Operation staff and even Accounts staff will all benefit from training on the importance on their role with the movement of pallets. We have extensive expertise with CHEP and Loscam. If you have a pallet problem, just give us a call.

Pallet Control Training