Pallet Account Audit

Pallet Account Audit

This is all about getting your pallet costs under control. It’s often the case that the problem is left too long, then costs start to rise. This can often be too late. A Pallet Account Audit will establish if there is a deficit in any or all of the equipment on hire.
This Auditing process will also establish how the Investigation will be managed.

Once the Audit is complete, we will provide recommendations and resolutions to bring the account under control. ProPallet has a unique ability to resolve any pallet or equipment issue and we believe in ‘tell it like it is’ outcomes.

“Accountability is everyone’s responsibility.”

Deming, W. Edwards

Keep your Pallet costs down

If you are having difficulties trying to keep your pallet costs down it may be time, we had a conversation. ProPallet is a leading pallet management company, servicing transport, logistics and warehousing clients. We have extensive expertise with CHEP and Loscam and provide a range of services including investigation and reconciliation, procedure development, and ongoing management (from simple docket processing to complete outsourcing). If you have a pallet problem, just give us a call.

Pallet Account Audit