Dispute Resolution

Pallet Dispute Resolution

Unresolved pallet dispute

Pallet dispute resolution. Are you losing money because of an unresolved pallet dispute? You may be thinking that it is all too late. There is always a way to resolve a pallet dispute and sometimes you need someone experienced to help you through the different options to reach an agreement. The longer you wait the harder it is to claim.

ProPallet can step in, provide advice and support to gain a resolution. Mediation is one of our great strengths. Don’t believe that all is lost. We can help you with the following:



We handle the paperwork. We follow up – We file – We archive



This can be all about knowing what to do. By using our relationships with Pallet companies, we can guide you in your claim.

“Conflict is the beginning of Consciousness”

M. Esther Harding

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Having difficulties trying to resolve a pallet dispute? Maybe it’s time we had a conversation. ProPallet is a leading pallet management company, servicing transport, logistics and warehousing clients. We have extensive expertise with CHEP and Loscam. If you have a pallet problem, just give us a call.

Pallet Dispute Resolution