Brisbane Truck Show 16-19 May 2019

Brisbane Truck Show 16-19 May 2019

Brisbane Truck Show 2019 – Pallet Control Seminar

Brisbane Truck Show Seminar ProPallet

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Brisbane Truck Show 2019 Seminar 
ProPallet Professional Pallet Management will be running a Seminar by invitation of the QTA Queensland Trucking Association.
Frances Wren will run the seminar on Pallet Control – it’s not about the Pallets.


Pallet Control
We all know with Pallet Control there is the control of Pallets, but does it mean the physical pallet?
If a pallet is rejected, does that pallet physically appear back at your depot/warehouse?
The pallet physically moves but the cost remains.


Reduce the cost of Pallet Control
The cost of the Pallet is never transferred off the sender’s account, yet the pallet still travels.
Why then in the industry is it all about tracking pallets? Adding a tracking device to a product you do not own?
To reduce the cost of Pallet control comes down to the paperwork.
Track your Invoice for accurate Pallet Control.


Pallet Control – It’s about the paperwork
The seminar running over the 4 days at 1:40 pm daily 16 – 19 May 2019 at Brisbane Convention Centre for Brisbane Truck Show will be about the paperwork.
Grab a ticket to the Truck Show, see what there is to offer and head to the KPMG Insights Centre Room 1 and hear Frances speak about how to keep track of the paperwork to reduce the cost of pallet control.

Pallet control: it’s about the paperwork not the pallets