Shifting the focus on Pallets

Shifting the focus on Pallets

Let’s shift the focus away from Pallet Problem, or Pallet Loss.

Tracking Pallets or Paperwork being all over the place!

Pallet Problem

When a business realises there is a pallet problem, it is usually at a critical point which creates damage control behaviour. Pallet Management doesn’t need to happen at Crisis Point.

Pallet Controller

The Pallet controller is probably doing a great job but is blind to the Invoice, so doesn’t see all that is required to do their job as accurately as possible.
Does the person in that position see the Invoice? Do they understand it?

Training the Pallet Controller

Training can be a fix solution to prevent damage control behaviour. No more crisis point!
A reason for a pallet problem occurring suddenly could be a restructure within the business. Did the re-Training happen on handover? Is the Training current?
Have the Operations changed within the business? Implementation of Process missed?
Or the Accountant may have moved on and the Invoices are being emailed to a dead email address?
There can be a number of anomalies that can influence the Pallet Hire Account.

Identifying the Pallet Problem

The first step is identifying the Pallet Problem – the second step is Why?
A business consultant with expert experience in the Industry of Pallet Management can identify quite quickly where and why there is a pallet problem and can assist to implement processes immediately to prevent any further loss.
Once identifying has been reported, the next step is the solution.

Shifting the Focus

By identifying the pallet problem and finding a solution, shifts the focus away from ‘pallet loss’ or ‘tracking pallets’ becoming a positive best practise method in creating accuracy within Pallet Management.