Supply Chain Leaders Insights – 21 August 2018

Supply Chain Leaders Insights – 21 August 2018


ProPallet – Professional Pallet Management are proud to be invited as experts to the Supply Chain Leaders Insight Conference.

Our Topic for discussion is Accurate Pallet Management

  •  Pallet Control – Changing the perception
  • Pallet Control software – They are not all the same
  • Processes and Procedures – Why you need them
  • Get to know your Invoice – What are Delay Days and how they affect your account
  • Trading Partners & E.D.O’s – Why staying Professional is key to great communication

A Supply Chain Conference with a Difference!

Supply Chain Leaders Insights is produced by Logistics Bureau Group. Supply Chain Leaders Insights was founded by Rob O’Byrne, owner and Group Managing Director of the Logistics Bureau Group.

Rob’s passion is helping people in their businesses and careers, and so establishing Supply Chain Leaders Insights was a natural extension to his other consulting, education, and coaching brands.

To our knowledge, this type of event is unique in the Supply Chain Industry.

Low cost delegate fees:

To encourage participation at all levels of knowledge, experience and ‘pay grade’.

And 100% of ticket sales go to a range of charities, chosen by you, to be declared at the event.

Direct Access to Supply Chain Industry Experts:

Up to 30 or more Supply Chain Industry Experts to give advice and mini training sessions.

Talk to them 1 on 1 in the breaks.

Join them at their ‘table’ for group discussions.

Select who and when you want to meet.

Supply Chain Industry Networking

200 + other delegates to meet and network with.

Connect with them on Social Media