Pallet Controller recruitment


Whether you want full time – part time – holiday – replacement or relief staff.


Full Time

Need a Pallet Controller onsite? Let us recruit them for you to ensure they have the level of experience required



Part Time/Casual

Need a pallet controller to assist for that backlog of work or to fill in a position if employee on extended leave? – Let us find the right fit for your business – we may be able to handle it in house for the interim



Holiday Relief Staff

Pallet controller going on holidays? Don’t let your pallets go on holidays too.



Complete Outsourcing

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“A holiday isn’t a holiday, without plenty of freedom”

Louisa May Alcott

For Pallet Controllers

Are you an experienced pallet controller seeking a new challenge?  You may be looking for extra work, wish to bring your talents to different clients, or enjoy the lifestyle of working on a casual freelance basis for the periods you wish.

We have opportunities for the right people with the right attitude and skills.  Plus, we’d look to train and mentor you to the premier service levels our clients expect of ProPallet.

If you’d wish to proceed, please call us for a chat.  Alternatively, apply now and register directly with our recruitment partner – Chandler Macleod Group – who is enabling the registration, screening, timesheets and pay runs.

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Pallet Controller recruitment