For clients

Engaging with a ProPallet contract employee is a business solution aimed at dealing with fluctuating workloads and increasing client concern over staff turnover, the knock-on effects and costs.

Opting for a ProPallet on-hire solution gives you access to an experienced Pallet Controller who can step in and ensure full management with accuracy and efficiency of business processes.

You do not pay for annual leave, sick days, public holidays, et cetera. You only pay for the exact hours the contractor works for your business.

ProPallet can provide assistance to meet project and extraordinary business deadlines, provide additional skills, or to cover maternity, annual and sick leave.

“A holiday isn’t a holiday, without plenty of freedom”

Louisa May Alcott

For Pallet Controllers

Are you an experienced pallet controller seeking a new challenge?  You may be looking for extra work, wish to bring your talents to different clients, or enjoy the lifestyle of working on a casual freelance basis for the periods you wish.

We have opportunities for the right people with the right attitude and skills.  Plus, we’d look to train and mentor you to the premier service levels our clients expect of ProPallet.

If you’d wish to proceed, please call us for a chat.  Alternatively, apply now and register directly with our recruitment partner – Chandler Macleod Group – who is enabling the registration, screening, timesheets and pay runs.

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