The Real Cost of Lost Pallets

The Real Cost of Lost Pallets

Do you know the real cost of lost pallets?

It is one of those things that people don’t notice. They think that a pallet is just a part of the overall transportation costs to run a business. It is either treated as unimportant or just something you have to accept. But they do cost and if not checked it could create a crippling burden on any business.

The cost of mistakes

When a mistake is made you will pay. If only 6 pallets a day were lost over a year it can cost $77,740.00 in hire! That is a staggering amount to pay especially if you are a smaller business. Simple mistakes like not doing your paperwork or not checking the invoices will and does cost you.


Here are some hints on how to reduce the costs of lost pallets


Always check your invoices

Every month you will get an invoice that shows your transaction history. By going through this with a fine tooth comb you can find anomalies that may occur. You can stamp them out as they happen.

Check the paperwork

There are several places where the paperwork may appear. For example, at your incoming goods, and your customer’s incoming goods etc. Every time a transaction is made (generally by a human) it increases the possibility of a mistake being made. So always check the paperwork.

Get outside help

A Pallet Management Specialist can assist in finding ‘lost Pallets’ by providing a range of services including investigation and reconciliation, procedure development, and ongoing management and training of systems.

By engaging the services of a company with expertise in Chep the business can be assured to not only find ‘lost pallets’ but save large sums of money at the same time, with peace of mind that anything to do with Equipment and Handling, the Pallet Management Specialist has got it all under control.


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